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A good coin miner uses only the best mining tools!

On this resource page you will find links to all the best mining ‘tools of the trade’. Only the coin mining resources I hwill end up on this page. Feel free to share in the comments any resources you discover that might be helpful to the mining community! If you’ve built a rig using one of the Litecoin mining rig build guides, the tools listed below will be invaluable in helping you set up and configure your mining operation for maximum fun and profit. Enjoy!

Mining Calculators and Coin Comparison Tools

  • Coin Choose – Great site to figure out which coin is currently the most profitable to mine. If you enjoy tweaking your mining rigs and trying out mining the most recent crypto-currency invention this is the place to find them.
  • Bitcoin Mining Calculator – This calculator is a great way to try to predict your mining rig profitability. Bitcoin mining on GPUs is no longer profitable, but if you are using an ASIC, you’ll want to use this calculator to determine your equipment return-on-investment.
  • Litecoin Mining Calculator – Before you get all excited and spend thousands on building multiple GPU Litecoin mining rigs, be sure to crunch the numbers using this calculator to determine if it will be a profitable venture for you.
  • Worldcoin Mining Calculator – My favorite feature and the greatest potential of this alt-currency is the 15-30 second confirmations vs Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. This would would be perfect for point-of-sale transactions at brick-and-mortar businesses. If you’re looking to get into minining Worldcoin, this is the calculator you’ll want to use.

Exchanges & Markets

CoinBase – While I was waiting for my Mt. Gox account to be verified, I signed up with this US based company and was impressed with their services. I highly recommend them and find them easier to use for purchasing Bitcoin with USD directly through electronic funds transfer here in the US. For most people, this is the easiest way to acquire Bitcoins. If you sign up through this affiliate link, they’ll even give you $5 worth of Bitcoin just for signing up and purchasing your first coin through them.

CapitalOne 360 Checking – If you need a solid bank with all the features you need plus no foreign transaction fees or ATM fees, this one is the best. I use them for most of my fiat currency transaction needs.  –  If you’ve used your mining rig to generate some of the alt-coins Ethereum, and want to convert that stash to say Bitcoin, this is the place to do it. They have very low exchange fees and no fees for deposits/withdrawals. I’ve used several exchanges, and this is by far my favorite with plenty of market volume and very reasonable fees. Once you’ve made your trade, always transfer your coins to a local wallet for safe keeping.

Mining Hardware Comparison

  • Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison  –  This github site (kind of like Wikipedia) is where other miners post their equipment details and software settings to get maximum results from the most common Bitcoin mining hardware on the market. You’ll also find numbers for the highly coveted bitcoin mining ASIC’s that will help you determine whether the folks who spend tens of thousands of dollars on eBay for one of these will actually make any money (I’m guessing maybe not).
  • Litecoin Mining Hardware Comparison  –  Similar to the previously linked Bitcoin hardware comparison, you’ll find all the most frequently used Litecoin mining hardware listed here along with specific overclocking and mining software settings to achieve the best Litecoin mining hash rates.

Crypto Currency Forums

  • Bitcoin Talk  –  You’ll have to tool around in the sandboxed noob section of this forum for 4 hours or so and have several posts under your belt before you graduate to the best sections of the forum. The wait is worth it, though. Lots of information here and the best part? You can read posts written by the inventor of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto himself (or whatever his/her/their real name is). 🙂
  • Litecoin Forum  –  Similar in content to the bitcoin talk forums, this forum is dedicated specifically to the Litecoin crypto-currency. You’ll find most members are very helpful in giving advice for specific mining rig configurations and anything else you might like to learn about in the world of Litecoin.
  • Worldcoin Forum – The developer team of Worldcoin as well as the Worldcoin foundation board members are a good mix of technical and legal backround folks dedicated to helping this currency gain traction as one of the leading alt-currencies.
  • Feathercoin Forum  –  This currency has a pretty avid fan base and this is where they ‘congregate’ to speculate on the future of the coin as well as to discuss mining, trading and most importantly for the coins future, vendor adoption of Feathercoin.

 Statistics / Graphs

Bitcoin Nodes  –  This is a map of the world showing all the Bitcoin nodes (computers running the Bitcoin client) in existence. Pretty neat.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Distribution – This is a pie chart displaying the various pools and large commercial Bitcoin mining operations as a percentage of the total hashing power of the network.

Litecoin Hash Rate Distribution – And this is a similar pie chart showing the Litecoin pools and large GPU farms hashing away, keeping the Litecoin network secure and processing transactions.


More to come!

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