Build a Litecoin Mining Rig

Litecoins are currently the most profitable alt-currency to mine on GPU’s, due to their huge market cap and rapid adoption by vendors and retailers following the success of Bitcoin. Building a LItecoin mining rig is simply putting together the right Litecoin mining hardware (off-the-shelf graphics cards and supporting PC components), followed by installing and configuring the correct drivers and Litecoin mining software. Below, you will find three guides based on how many graphics cards you want to mine with with a rough budget estimate for each (in USD).

2 GPU Budget Litecoin Mining Rig Build Guide  –  This budget Litecoin mining rig is fully expandable to support a total of 4 GPU’s if you decide to add more cards in the future. As with all these build options, allow roughly 2 hours for assembly. Build cost: ~$900

4 GPU Litecoin Mining Rig Build Guide  –  The 4 GPU rig is easily the most popular build option, as the price point is roughly the same as a high end gaming PC.  This rig is capable of mining any Scrypt based alt-currencies at about 2,600Kh/s, Build cost:  ~$1,600

6 GPU Litecoin Mining Rig Build Guide  –  Running 6 GPU’s in one mining rig will give you the highest hash rate (~3,900Kh/s) using one motherboard and accompanying hardware. We’ve based this mining rig on the Intel Ivybridge chipset as it can support up to a theoretical 7 GPU’s. Build time: 2 hrs. Build cost:  ~$2,400


2 thoughts on “Build a Litecoin Mining Rig

  1. Paul

    Great guides, I really appreciate the information. The main issue I’m having is that most of this equipment is out of stock or WAY more expensive than you’ve listed. I assume this is due to the increased demand for mining setups. Any advice on where to look for this hardware? Any lesser known alternative sites out there selling this stuff? Any hidden services on Tor where you can find this stuff? Ebay is a joke, everything is about 5x as much as you’ve listed and most of the normal hardware websites are sold out of this type of hardware. Any advice is appreciated. Again, great blog and I really appreciate the information as do many others.


    1. admin Post author

      Unfortunately, with GPU’s being out of stock almost everywhere you’ll either have to pay a premium for used gear on eBay (not recommended) or wait for retailers to receive shipments from the hardware manufacturing facilities in Asia. It’s simple supply and demand in a market economy. Even small local retailers are completely sold out from what I’ve heard.


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