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I’m Josh, a fellow crypto-currency coin mining enthusiast. As a custom computer systems builder, I set up small business computers and networks for local businesses through my IT consultancy. With my background in technology, I had the good fortune of discovering bitcoin, litecoin and other alternative crypto-currencies. After reading literally hundreds of forum posts and other related resources online, I have made a fair amount of money by ‘mining’ these currencies with custom-built mining hardware.

So, why a Litecoin mining rig website? Well, as I mentioned, I learned a lot about coin-mining hardware by reading through literally thousands of threads and hundreds of wiki pages before I dropped a good chunk of change on my first mining rig. Since all this information was and still is fresh in my head, I decided to build this website and write several mining rig build guides, detailing how to assemble some of the best (and current) mining hardware on the market, as well as any hacks I’ve discovered for minimizing costs and maximizing profits when mining. Unsure of where to start? Start with the Budget Litecoin Mining Rig Guide and once you get familiar with the parts and assembly required, you can explore the other more advanced guides here on the site.

All of this information is provided free of charge, however if you have found these guides helpful in your journey of discovering virtual currency mining, please consider ‘giving back’ by sharing the build guides with others, using the social sharing buttons on the left of every guide. Donations are of course accepted! 🙂 Feel free to send a small crypto coin donation as a way of saying ‘Thanks!’. I accept  Bitcoin, Litecoin and Worldcoin donations. You can send them to one of the following addresses:








Thanks for stopping by! Here’s to your mining success!

– Josh

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  1. Huff

    How did you power the 7950’s? Did you use powered risers, or the plugs on the side & supplied connectors or both? I have a H81 Pro BTC and 5) 7950s, but am having trouble getting them recognized / drivers installed and am wondering it its a power issue. How do I set each as independent miners? You’ll be my first tip if I get this up and running. Its name is Glenn Mohawk.

    1. Josh Post author

      I used powered risers. For all my rigs with more than 4 GPU’s I used Windows 8 as it is fairly easy to configure.

  2. Mark

    Thanks for getting us on the path to Litecoin and scrypt mining. I just sent you a LTC as our way of appreciation. We couldn’t be doing it without you!


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